Admin A LLC

Our humble operation is really your local IT Support. We pride our selves on great service and highly experienced and knowledgeable engineers. We have been doing everything IT for many years and in all kinds of industries and all sorts of projects. Fresh new setups, branch offices or even assisting in-house IT staff to handle anything they need a hand with.  Be it physical servers, hosted cloud or virtualized data centers. In many we've found that a mix of all of them gets a well balanced, high performance, fault tolerant production network. 

Meet With Our Mission

Our mission is simple. To bring affordable, quality and simplified IT support services to small and medium sized companies.

While many devices and cloud services provide support, navigating them and knowing who or where the problems are in your networked environment can be a challenge for anyone. We take lead and handle all those interconnected services and supports to get you the most efficient use, results and solutions to all your IT issues. One company, one phone number and we handle all your IT issues. Desktop computers, phones, printers, point of sale, servers, security, network equipment, system interfaces, specialized hardware, industrial machines, medical equipment, audio and video, automotive, SatCom, legal, you name it, we've worked on it. And if you surprise us with something new, we have developed relationships with lots of specialized companies to get that last mile done. 

Find out more about us on our website http://itadmin.us